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    What special ingredient does These Hands use?

    These Hands Lotion is a luxurious time saving treatment for your hands. It is formulated with ingredients that work, so you don't have to waste time applying lotion every hour. These Hands Lotion Hand Mask uses Irish moss and fermented sea kelp to create a soothing adaptive second skin for your hands. Grapeseed oil, Avocado Oil and Aloe moisturize and soothe tired skin revealing bright youthful hands. Witch hazel a natural vasoconstrictor promotes healing of broken skin by tightening skin proteins. Glycerin and Vitamin B-5 attract water to the skin and help the skin lipids maintain a healthy state.

    To learn more about each ingredient listed, please check out our ingredients page.

    Can I only use These Hands on my hands?

    Although made to protect the hardworking skin on hands, These Hands Lotion can be used on your feet or any extra dry spots, such as elbows or knees.

    Can I sleep with the moisturizing gloves on?

    Our moisturizing gloves can be used for a few minutes or a few hours. They mainly help the lotion stay on your hands and not rub off. The warmth of the gloves also helps the moisture to absorb better from the cream. Some of our customers like to wear the gloves to bed to moisturize over night, however we don't always recommend this, as they can fall off if you toss and turn a lot. You will receive the same moisturizing benefit if you leave them on for an hour or overnight.

    What size are the moisturizing gloves?

    Our gloves are one size fits all. If you have smaller hands they will fit ever so slightly loose, if you have larger hands they should be more fitted. They have stretch in them so they are quite adaptable. I wear a size small and my cousin a large, they fit us both comfortably. They are mainly to help the hand mask absorb without rubbing off while you relax. The gloves are very soft cotton and can be washed as well.



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