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    I’ve always struggled with dry hands and eczema and loved trying different beauty products. Nothing really worked great for me. Over time I started experimenting and making my own hand masks and creams. I had my family and friends try my cream and they raved about how good it was and asked where they could buy some:) And so I was in business. But I wanted it to be more than just a product, I wanted to not only help people’s hands be happy but I also wanted to give back. Which is why I use the best ingredients I can find and donate 10% of all profits.
    I chose the name because it has always struck me how important our hands are. I used to look at my grandmas hands, she had immigrated from Europe and had so many different jobs. I used to think of all the things they had done caring for children, cooking and working many different jobs. There is such beauty in the small but life changing tasks we do with our hands everyday.

    Each of us has such a different story and I want to recognize how many amazing things each person does with their hands.They deliver babies, they rescue people, they nurture loved ones with food, they help people, they say hello, they make big business deals, preform lifesaving surgeries, sign treaties and laws into action and most importantly they love. Hands are the cornerstone of our world, responsible for our evolution and ultimately one of the most important things for us to take care of.

    These Hands Lotion Hand Mask is a product that helps keep hands healthy and happy, a product that not only moisturizes but also proclaims a message - These Hands Support Others!

    What did your hands do today?


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